October 23, 2020

The Home Inspection Checklist

Home inspections can be one of the highlights in the buying process for homebuyers. Typically, home inspections provide an opportunity for the buyers to do a full walkthrough. This walkthrough gives homebuyers the ability to better prepare themselves for anything that they may be getting themselves into.

Home inspections are normally purchased by the homebuyer, so don’t hesitate to shop around until you find an inspector you trust. It’s one of the best safeguard measures you, as the homebuyer, can take. Buying a home is a major financial investment, and the home inspection can either save or cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run, depending on what it found.

Home inspections are important, so plan to block out at least a few hours for the entire inspection. This isn’t a process you want to rush. In order to best prepare for your inspection, and to also narrow down any specific areas of the house you’d want looked at, it’s good to have a checklist. The checklist below is a great starting point to consider when asking for the inspection report.

Foundation – Look at the base of each floor and wall. Are there cracks, water damage or any areas where it is not level?

Roof – When was the last time the roof was redone if it ever has been? Are there any leaks?

Exterior – Is there any exterior damage to the house? The exterior includes gutters, boarding and exterior wiring, so what is the overall condition? Is anything not boarded properly or exposed when it shouldn’t be?

Plumbing – Check out the sewer line. Is the plumbing system updated and functioning properly?

Electrical – Are the outlets grounded? Is any wiring exposed?

Appliance hookups – Are the appliances working properly? Is each appliance hooked up to the right electrical outlet or water line? Do any of them leak?

Attic or basement – Is there any water damage in either? Is the installation sealed correctly?

This base checklist is a great starting point for you to enter a home inspection on the right note. Most importantly, come prepared and be flexible.

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