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Welcome to Gainesville

Congratulations on moving to Gainesville. Gainesville is a great place to work and live. Alachua County’s schools are among the highest rated in the Florida. Alachua County is rich in cultural and nature activities.

As you consider the possibilities of home ownership in Gainesville, I would like to offer provide you with the utmost in service and expertise as we find the perfect home for you. As the real estate market becomes more advanced (and even more complex). We are constantly striving to improve our services and add to our marketing insight. Keeping up with what is going on in the marketplace allows us to design services and marketing plans especially for you.

I believe that in order for you to feel comfortable during this process you will need to be well-equipped and armed with the most up-to-date information. This guide contains information I think you will find helpful. You will know what to expect, every step of the way.

Please keep this information handy during the home-buying process. There are areas where you can jot down notes and pages that contain important phone numbers and dates. Use the available pages to take notes when touring homes. It is easy to become confused about which features were found in which homes.

I look forward to guiding you on this exciting journey. It is very rewarding to help people find the home of their dreams.

Terry Lehman, REALTOR®, CSP


Follow the Road Map

“If you don’t know where you are going… you’ll probably end up somewhere else!”  Taken from a book title, that expression carries a simple message: “To achieve an objective, create a plan!”

If you plan to buy a home soon, you’ll also need to know “where you are going”. For a most enjoyable home buying experience, first build a road map to your new home, a list of priorities which will lead to your objective…a new home. The first priority is a time frame. Write down the date by which you would like to move into the new home. Keep in mind that it can take 30-90 days (or more) to locate the right home, secure financing, and complete the purchase. The next priority is a detailed description of the home you hope to find. Write down every feature and amenity you would like to find in a home. Include architectural style, number of bedrooms and baths, location, lot size, and other special requirements-be specific. If you need extra privacy or a fenced yard, put them on your list.

Once you have a lengthy list of preferences, number them in the order of their importance to you. This step is important because some items will have to be compromised in favor of those at the top of your list. There is not a home which will meet all of your objectives. Finally, if you prefer to finance your purchase, gather information about your personal finances. Mortgage lenders will need names and account numbers of all creditors, employment contacts, and banking details.

Create and prioritize your plan before you begin looking at homes. When it’s ready, be prepared to share your objectives. I will listen closely, then research the local market for homes which match your objectives. By creating your road map in advance, you can arrive quickly at your home buying destination-a new address!

It is my mission to provide quality real estate service and the best customer service possible to my clients. I pledge to provide the finest personalized service to my clients.

It is my mission to pursue the interests of my clients at all times and with the highest ethical standards. To provide each and every one of my clients with professional expertise. To continually educate myself so that my clients will benefit from the most accurate, up-to-date information and resources.

While treating all of my clientele with the highest respect for their needs, I will be up front and honest as to how I can best help them. I will not tell a client what they want to hear if I do not believe it myself. I will not enter into a client relationship where I know what is expected of me cannot be accomplished in good faith. My work, time and energy will be given in such a helpful, loving and professional manner that my fees will be respected and my services highly recommended.

I strive for win/win positions and fairness in all transactions. My actions with others will never be done for short-term gain or at the expense of another party. It is my goal that my attitude, spirit, and energy enrich the lives of every single person I touch.
It is my mission to:

  • Enter into and develop every client relationship with honesty and integrity
  • To treat all parties fairly without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or family status

It is my mission to share with my clients my passion for business excellence and to always build my business on a foundation of love for the work I do. In this way, I will always strive to provide my clients with the most rewarding real estate experience possible and have them leave my service as “my raving fans and ambassadors of Good Will!”

MLS Member

As a member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), I can show you any property.

If you should see an ad in the paper or a sign in a yard, call me to find out the information. If you want to see it, I’ll show it to you.

What You Can Expect from Terry Lehman

Prior to Finding You a Home….

  1. Provide information packet;
  2. Explain agency relationship; and
  3. Refer a lending agency to you for pre-qualification and ability to borrow and determine funds needed to close

During the Search for the right home….

  1. Implementation of my “Buyer’s Plan;”
  2. Updates on newly listed properties; and
  3. Office phone, and cellular phone access to be available for offers, questions, problems, and details.

At the Time of Offer…

  1. Present Offer;
  2. Inform you of available financing;
  3. Explain Offer to Purchaser; and
  4. Handle the negotiations

Prior to Closing and at Settlement…

  1. Recommend inspectors;
  2. Assist you in finding the right mortgage lender and financing;
  3. Process the purchase agreement and deposit money;
  4. Monitor that contingencies are completed in a timely manner, i.e., inspections, loan approvals, etc.
  5. Set up final walk-through inspection and closing date;
  6. Accompany you to final walk-through; and
  7. Personally accompany you to closing to allow for a smooth transaction


  1. Keep in touch and maintain communication;
  2. Available for future real estate needs and questions; and
  3. Become part of my “SERVICE FOR LIFE” follow-up program

The Home Buying Process

Step One – Find an experienced Realtor that you trust and sign a Buyer Agency Agreement. This guarantees by laws of the State, that your needs are professionally represented throughout the entire process of buying your home. As your Realtor I am also able to refer top qualified lenders in our area that can best serve you. If you are choosing to have lender financing to make your home purchase, you will want to get pre-approved for your loan before you begin your home search.

Step Two – Schedule Buyer consultation meeting & needs assessment. We will review and discuss the entire Home Buying process and select homes that best fit your search criteria. I will establish a Real Estate “shopping cart” to store the homes you are interested in and communicate with you throughout the decision making process. I will also show you how to best “preview” homes to narrow down you choices. Once you’ve found a home you want to see, give me a call. I will be happy to show you inside.

Step Three – This is a BIG step. When you find your dream home, you should present a competitive offer immediately with a strong Binder Deposit. We will sit together and I will explain the methods we use to best evaluate home values for the property you are interested in. I will use my negotiating experience to ensure you get just what you want for a fair price- a transaction in your best interest.

Step Four – When the seller accepts your offer; you “go under contract”. You want to make sure every detail is handled accurately and immediately. I will work hard to ensure your home closes properly and on time. My Buyer Coordinator & I will work closely with you throughout this process.

Step Five – Final details are handled and inspections are performed to ensure the property is “perfect” for you. Contract details are further negotiated and we head to closing.

Step Six – LAST STEP- Be prepared to bring a drivers license or proper identification & a certified check (payable to the closing title company or closing attorney) to the closing procedure- the next steps you will take will be over the threshold of your new home!

Understanding an Agency… Who Works for Whom?

Seller Agency

  • Agent will represent the best interest of the seller
  • Agent will owe seller fiduciary duties
  • Agency owes buyer honesty
  • Must give buyer all material facts to make an educational decision

Buyer Agency

  • Agent will represent the best interests of the buyer
  • Agent will owe buyer fiduciary duties
  • Agent owes seller honesty
  • Must give seller all material facts to make an educational decision

Transaction Broker Agency

  • Agent represents both buyer and seller equally
  • Objective is to get a mutually satisfactory agreement among all parties
  • All options will be given to buyers and sellers
  • Confidentiality to all parties. Agent may do nothing to the detriment of either buyer or seller
  • Right to counsel. Before making any decisions, both parties have the right to seek family, religious, legal, and financial counsel

Let Me Help You

No matter where you find a home you may be interested in seeing, you only need to call me for help.  Because I share a cooperating relationship with all real estate offices within our community, it means I can show you properties that are listed with my company, Bosshardt Realty, or any broker in our area.  As your Buyer’s Agent, I represent you.  I also represent you in “For Sale by Owner” transactions, giving you the leverage in any negotiation. If you read an ad, see a sign, hear about a property for sale or see new home construction – just call me for all the information you need.


To avoid any difficulties arising during your transaction, we strongly recommend that you use one of the following lenders, who, in addition to having a good reputation, value our business and will do everything possible to get your sale closed in a timely manner:

M & S Bank
Bob Muni
Office (352) 264.7215
Cell (352) 215.6190

Mike Jones
Office (352) 224.1946
Cell (352) 215.0501

W. Dwain Bush
Office (352) 367.5102
Cell (352) 318.7446

PNC Mortgage
Alan McGlynn
Office (352) 339.3839
Cell (352) 339.3839

In Summary

Terry is a licensed REALTOR® and specializes in Buyer Services. He has been selling real estate in Gainesville and surrounding counties for over 9 years. As a top producer for Bosshardt Realty, he is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.   Terry provides his clients with Strong Personal Commitment and Integrity combined with Bosshardt Realty’s Leading Edge Services.

Full Time Agent for True Customer Service.
You deserve the best in real estate services.

  • Resident of Gainesville and Alachua County for over 30 years. He brings expertise, enthusiasm and caring for your best interests to each client.
  • Santa Fe College’s Community Education Instructor for 5 years.
  • Terry constantly studies the real estate market. He will use all the powerful resources of Bosshardt Realty, the area’s most successful firm to bring you the very best value in every transaction. Because of his caring expertise, Terry’s clients are extremely satisfied and keep coming back and referring their friends to him.
  • Terry has been married to Kathryn Lehman for 34 years. He is also the proud father of Lauren, a UF graduate and doctorate in Physical Therapy.
  • He is committed to our community. Terry has served on the Board of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and has been a Big Brother for 8 years. With each of his sales, a donation is made to UF’s PAL program, a youth mentoring program in our schools.
  • Your needs will be Terry’s top priority. Call him today for the best in real estate services.
  • Terry Lehman, Realtor, C.S.P Bosshardt Realty Services