April 4, 2014

A Bright New Idea for Homeowners

Glowing LED bulb on green backgroundImagine not needing to replace one or two light bulbs every month! As a Realtor, I can tell you that your home is filled with more light bulbs than you would think. The lighting industry is breaking new ground and making it easier than ever to use the advanced technology of energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

The smart LED light bulb has gained much deserved attention since the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show. Since incandescent light bulbs are no longer being manufactured in the United States, more homeowners are now leaning toward newly available lighting technology for many reasons. Strict new lighting standards are being pushed by Congress, since these bulbs use a fraction of the wattage previously used by an incandescent bulb, are much more efficient and have the potential to be cheaper for homeowners in the long run.  Now more than ever, these greener LED light bulbs are more advanced, a better value to operate and more environmentally friendly.

These long-lasting bulbs are a ‘real estate secret’ and realtors are recommending them not only because they last longer, but because they also have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and offer “mood” lighting. Previous LED lights had been known as being too harsh and bright for some individuals, but new LED lighting technology offers a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing option.

These bulbs will give homeowners the ability to control, schedule and dim their smart LED light bulbs from anywhere in their home, even when they are away.

One barrier to this new light bulb technology is that LED light bulbs are more expensive up front, but LED lights have the potential to lead the way to more energy-efficient homes. So, if you are considering LED lights in your home but have not made the switch yet, check it out!

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