March 18, 2020

A Pet-Friendly Moving Process

A Pet-Friendly Moving Process

When moving into your newly purchased home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and wrapped up in the process. Decorating, renovations, financing and everything in between can make the first days fly by. However, it’s important to remember your pets in the process. Pets, small or large, are going through a period of change just like you. Animals experience stress like humans and can have an adjustment period to new environments.

To help aid the transition for your furry or feathered companions, here are ten tips:

  1. Make sure that your pet(s) are comfortable with car carriers and traveling no matter how close the move is. Car rides can make animals anxious, making the introduction to their new home even harder for them.
  2. In the lead up to moving to a new city or even just across Gainesville, it’s important to contact the pet’s veterinarian and potentially find a new pet care contact closer to your destination. Getting professional advice from your veterinarian may also help you create a personalized plan for adjusting your pet to their new environment.
  3. Prepare for anything. Having your pet wear identification, or possibly even be microchipped, could be a lifesaver if the worst happens. Animals may act out in a new environment, so if your pet gets lost, it’s best to be prepared.
  4. Share the love. Many pets need affection and attention. Despite the stress from the move, pets will need reassurance from you.
  5. Keep track of their diet. Some animals may eat less or want to overeat during the moving process. By keeping a log of their feeding times in the initial few days, it could help you make sure they are staying on the right track. This is especially important for animals with cages and accessible food bowls.
  6. When first bringing them into the house, it can help to introduce the animals to each room by room.
  7. Pets need entertainment. Be sure to bring their toys, water and food to keep them occupied while you are busy in other parts of the house. The pet essential bag can have anything to help your pet adjust.
  8. Check out the neighborhood and surrounding area with your pet in mind. If you have an outdoor-trained pet, make sure to see if the HOA has specific rules for gates and fencing. Do your new neighbors have pets?
  9. Be consistent. Just as you are learning a new schedule and routine, so are they and they need you to set their routine for them.
  10. Be patient. Pets need you then more than ever. Although they may be more demanding or may be struggling with the move, your patience will help them through the process.

Thankfully, Gainesville is a wonderful city to bring pets to. With multiple pet hospitals and dog-friendly parks, there are many options to keep your pet happy and entertained.

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