August 14, 2020

A Busy Hurricane Season

While hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, it is only now that we are entering the busy part of hurricane season. That’s despite the fact that it’s only the first part of August, and we have already had 11 named storms.

That’s unprecedented for almost any hurricane season. Typically, it is October before we reach these many storms.

If there’s a positive note in these numbers, it is that Florida has seen minimal tropical activity to this point. But with as many as 25 named storms being predicted, it is unlikely for the state to escape without some activity.

As a homeowner, what does that mean for you?

There are several things you can do – and some should have already been done.

The first thing you should consider is a review of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Make sure it is adequate to protect your home and belongings. Additionally, confirm that you are covered for flooding. Traditional homeowner’s policies do not necessarily cover flood damage. 

This is something you should do right now. Insurers will not let you add to or change your policy once a named storm is heading your way.

Check your roof. Get a professional to examine your roof right now. There may be some things that can be repaired in advance of a storm that can prevent more serious damage later.

Look at the trees on your property and your neighbor’s. If anything looks like it could be problematic in a storm, you want to try to get a tree company to look at what you have.

Here are a few more helpful ideas.

  • Secure porches and carports
  • Make sure windows and doors are sealed
  • Have a plan to clear the outside if a storm is on the way

Some of these suggestions may be bigger than you can handle as a DIY project. Consider bringing in a professional handyman to help.

We all hope the hurricane season leaves our area relatively unscathed. But we never know what will happen with nature. It’s important to protect your home. And, if you are going to follow these suggestions, the time to act is now.

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