April 22, 2014

5 Tips For Staging Your Home

Front Photo smA warm and inviting home will help homeowners boost their home’s value and speed up the sale process. To do this, the first step is to impress buyers with a great first impression. Here are some tips to make your home look more desirable to potential buyers.

1. Start with a thorough cleaning.

Having a clean home shows that your house is well cared for. Hire a cleaning service if possible.

2. Hide your clutter!

Clean your counters of almost everything. Clean the closets by packing up seasonal items like clothes and old toys. Install closet organizers to increase space. Put some furniture into storage in order to increase the illusion of space in your house. Pack up personalized photos, crafts and other things around the house so potential buyers are able to envision their own belongings in the home.

3. Rethink your furniture placement.

Create a focal point in each room and highlight the flow of the house to guide buyers from one room to another. Each focal point should be on the farthest wall from the doorway and the rest of the furniture should be arranged around it.

4. Add color to brighten your rooms.

Brush on a fresh coat of warm, neutral paint in each room. Accessorize each room based around the color to add some vibrancy to the room.

5. Make the entrance grand.

Take care of your yard by trimming bushes, adding new mulch, and mowing the lawn. It also may be a good idea to add some flowers to the lawn if you do not already have them. Before homebuyers arrive, turn on the sprinklers to have a sparkling front lawn, which will be the first thing they see. Top off the entrance by adding a seasonal wreath to the door to increase the homey feel.

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