June 11, 2018

My 10 Packing Tips for Your Move

If you’re getting ready to move into your new home, here are 10 tips to consider as you pack and prepare.

The papers are signed, the deal is settled. The house is finally yours! You look around your current house and see piles of your stuff – pictures, decorations, souvenirs and furniture that you have accumulated over the years. These are the things that make you, you. You cannot leave them behind!

How are you going to get it all to your new place? What are your choices for moving? Where do you even get started? This is a popular concern for many buyers, sellers and renters, and for that reason, I have gathered my top 10 moving tips to make the process a breeze.

  1. Make a bag of your day-to-day necessities.

This could include toothbrush and toothpaste, grooming instruments like razors and hair brushes, and soaps, washes and creams.

  1. When packing, avoid cardboard boxes.

Gainesville climate is unpredictable, so you must be prepared to move your belongings through rain, heat and humidity. Instead, I recommend investing in clear plastic boxes with a sealable lid, which may be purchased from any Target or Walmart. These boxes are waterproof, more resistant to the elements than regular boxes, and sturdy enough to be reused over and over even when you’re all moved in.

  1. Pack and label your boxes according to the room or category.

Keep similar items together as much as possible and try to organize them depending on the room they will be sorted into in your new place.

  1. Empty your furniture so that it is easier to transport.

This includes dressers, desks and bedside tables.

  1. Put your folded clothes in luggage and wrap your hung clothes in trash bags or bed sheets.

This will make the moving and unpacking process a breeze.

  1. Donate and recycle items that are no longer of use.

When going through every item, consider whether it belongs in your new house, or whether it would serve a better purpose in the hands of someone else. If you’re donating clothes in good condition, consider Goodwill or local organizations, such as the Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry or even University of Florida’s very own Gator Career Closet. Or, if the garment is too worn to be re-used, consider recycling the fabric at the H&M at the Oaks Mall and receive a 15 percent off voucher for your next purchase.

  1. Consider your moving choices.

Do you have a friend who owns a truck? Do you plan to move your possessions yourself? Will you rent a U-Haul? Will you hire a moving company to be in charge of your move?

  1. Change your address with anticipation.

This includes, most importantly, letting the DMV and other government offices know about your new address and running these errands at least two weeks in advance. Do not forget about insurance policies, banks, utilities and cable, as well as your Amazon, Paypal and other accounts.

  1. Have everything ready the day prior to moving day.

This will facilitate the actual moving process for yourself, your friends or the moving company.

  1. Organize the boxes on the truck accordingly.

Load your most important boxes last, so that they will be the first boxes unpacked in your new home, and vice versa.

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